12 Boho shape Instagram Highlight covers Social Budd

12 Boho shape Instagram Highlight covers

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Get your brand to stand out with stunning Instagram story highlight covers to enhance your branding. These Instagram highlight covers are perfect for influencers, bloggers, retailers, consultants, beauty gurus, photographers, and event planners. Why start from scratch creating Instagram captions when you can save time by using done-for-you content that helps you stay engaged with your community?  A Stress-Free social media engagement solution. You are a busy small business owner trying to attract new customers. You know you should be showing up consistently on Instagram with high-quality content, but writing and planning your content is EXHAUSTING. Right? Now imagine having content that sparks conversations, builds relationships, and generates leads with the click of a button. That's right. You are looking at it. Format 1080px x 1920px Jpeg highlights ready to upload.  How To Access Your Instagram Story Covers 1. You will receive your designs INSTANTLY after purchasing.  2. Open the zip file on a desktop, laptop, or cell browser and start using your designs.